Animal Training Academy Basics

Be on the lookout for a dog or animal training course that includes mentoring. Ideally you will get individualized attention all through the course. Your tutor should be available to answer questions and give feedback.


Dog Training Courses in India

Dog training courses can be found all over the world. But because the dog training industry is relatively new in India, it may be more challenging for you to find […]


How Much do Dog Trainers Make?

As someone thinking about a career in dog training, one of the questions you’ve probably asked yourself is, “how much do dog trainers make?” The truth is, how much dog […]

dog walking service names

50 Great Dog Walking Company Names

Well-chosen dog walking company names will be catchy and interesting, so that people can remember them. Your name should be unique, to distinguish you from all the other dog walkers in your area, but shouldn’t be so weird that people hear it and just say, “huh?”.

dog boarding business for sale

Dog Boarding Business For Sale!

Wouldn’t it be great if starting your dog business were as easy as just finding a dog boarding business for sale in your area? To tell the truth, it might […]

Does My Dog Business Need a Website?

It would be easiest if the answer were no, right? After all, humans and dogs were best friends millenia before the internet was invented. And dog businesses have gotten along […]