50 Great Dog Walking Company Names

dog walking service names
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So you’re thinking about starting a dog walking company. You’ve come up with a good marketing plan, you’re psyched to get some great exercise and have fun outdoors with dogs, and you even have your first clients lined up. Now you’re racking your brain for the best dog walking company names.

What’s In a Name?

Why is it important to have a great name for your dog walking company? Well, to begin with, your name is the first thing people will learn about you and your dog business. A good dog walking company name tells potential clients what you do, and also gives them a “feel” for your company and your personality.

Well-chosen dog walking company names should also be catchy and interesting, so that people can remember them. Your name should be unique, to distinguish you from all the other dog walkers in your area, but shouldn’t be so weird that people hear it and just say, “huh?”. If the name you choose obviously has to do with dogs (e.g. Doggie Joggers), you probably are fine just leaving it at that. But if it is something less overt, you might want to add “dog walking” on the end to make certain everyone knows what you do.

What if Someone Else Has My Name?

Who “owns” a business name? In short, whoever thought of it first. It is technically possible to legally trademark a name, but most dog walkers (probably including you) don’t want to go through the money and hassle to register a trademark. What you do need to do is register the name you have chosen as your “DBA” (“doing business as”), with your city, county, state, or possibly country, depending on where you live.

Once you have done that, nobody in your area is allowed to use the name for a similar business. As you are coming up with your name, it is a good idea to check the public registry of business names (this is usually available online) so that you can be sure it isn’t already taken. Dog walking is a very local business, so if a dog walker three states away has your same name, it generally isn’t a problem.

Take Your Dog Business Name Online

Your name should be catchy and fun in real life, but it also needs to work on the internet. You’ll want to get a domain URL for your website that matches your dog walking company name as closely as possible. So before you start printing that name on business cards, make sure to type it into a domain availability checker to see if you’ll be able to buy the matching domain name for your website. You should also check the availability of an Instagram handle that goes with your business name, as well as any other social media platform you intend to use. Need help setting up a dog walker website or registering your business? Check out the individual business mentoring we provide as part of the Canine Club Academy’s Dog Training Certification Course!

And now for the good stuff:

50 Great Dog Walking Company Names

The Sophisticated:

City Pets

Walk on the Wild Side

Pampered Pups

City Paws

Urban Jungle

Dogs of the City

City Dogs

Tails of the City

City Tails

City Rovers

Urban Pups

Doggie Butler

City Pups

The Funny:

Couch Chewers Anonymous

Pawsitively Precocious

Doggie Joggers

Puddle Jumpers

In My Pawprints

Doggie Jungle

Dog Jog

Marathon Paws

Canine Gang

Waggy Wonders

Paws to the Pavement


The Friendly:

Happy Tails

Waggy Tails

Doggie Smiles

Doggie Kisses

Four Paws


Crazy Dog

Fit Doggie

Doggie Workout

Doggie Gym

Couch Pooch

Canine Friends

Wags & Walks

Latchkey Pups

Puppy Kisses

Home Alone

Doggie Delight

Love on a Leash

Paws on the Move

Happy Paws

Wacky Paws

The Descriptive:

(Your Name)’s Dog Walking

(Your Dog’s Name)’s Dog Walking

(Your City) Dog Walking

Hounds of (Your City)

Have an idea for a great name we left off the list? Add it in the comments!

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