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Only basic computer skills and internet access are required.

That depends on how quickly you complete the Course. The Course has two parts. The 10 Learning Modules will give you a solid foundation for handling and training dogs, and result in your “Dog Handling Certification.” The Business Modules will take you step-by-step through the process of starting your own home-based dog business. Depending on which business track (e.g., obedience counseling, dog walking, etc.) you choose to pursue, your Tutor will help you set up your business and start attracting customer. Some of our students have their first customers before even finishing the course.

Absolutely! We have students from around the world.

You will have open-ended and interactive assignments to submit to the Academy. Some are shorter than others but each one requires the development of ideas and/or research into topics. An example of a shorter assignment would be creating a list of the dog shelters near you. A longer example would be asking to borrow a friend’s dog to conduct a free basic obedience evaluation.

Yes! Please visit our enrollment page to view payment options.

Earning a certification requires time and hard work. In order for certifications to be respected, they must represent effort on your part. The “CanineClub Academy Dog Training Certification” (CCA-CDT) is earned through a challenging program of online modular instruction, quizzes, project-based assignments, and a final examination. The course is 24 weeks long, with a workload of 4-6 hours/week (although it can be completed more quickly if desired).

The marketing modules in the Course teach you how to use online strategies, local print mailers, internet social media tools and more to turn your exciting hobby into a money-making pursuit. In addition to the step-by-step instruction you will receive, the Business Toolkit includes a set of professionally designed marketing pieces (business cards, letterhead, flyers, handouts, and many more) which our in-house designers will customize for you.

From business cards to promotional fliers to door hangers, your Tutor will work with you to select and use the marketing pieces offered by the Academy, which you will receive as high quality digital files. The cost for our designers to customize these materials for you is also included in the Course fees. You are only responsible for the cost of printing.

The Course Fees cover ALL materials required for completion of the Course. This includes both the in-home study portion as well as the one-on-one mentoring with one of our Tutors. There are no extra fees to complete the certification.

Background, No. Passion, Yes. The course is designed to allow for students who have had little or no experience in the canine industry. All levels of learning are covered, providing instruction for beginners and challenge for advanced students.

There are no “live” classes to attend. That’s the beauty of online learning. All the materials will be delivered straight to you, and you will work according to your own schedule. Your Tutor will help you to evaluate your goals and progress so you can stay on the path to success.

Your personal Tutor will be allocated within 48 hours after you submit your first assignment. It is your Tutor’s job to assess your assignments, develop your skills and work with you every step of the way. You will have regular interaction with your Tutor, and can feel free to ask them questions at any time.

The short answer: as long or as short as works for you. The course is designed to be 24 weeks long, with a workload of 4-6 hours/week. However, because it is completely online, you can study at your own pace, in your own time. We have had a few students who were able to study full-time and complete the course in just one month. Others take a full year to complete it.

By choosing to enroll in the “Certification Course in Dog Training” with the CanineClub Academy, you can keep your present job while continuing your study of dog training, or work it around caring for your children. There are no added expenses for housing at a remote on-site location, and no time will be wasted by driving back and forth to a classroom every day.

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