Dog Training Courses in India

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Dog training courses can be found all over the world. But because the dog training industry is relatively new in India, it may be more challenging for you to find a course near you. Even if you are lucky enough to find one or two dog training courses in India, they may be located across the country. If you have been searching for a dog training centre in India, you might have experienced the frustration of looking at the many exciting courses available abroad and wishing you could find one nearby.

Why is it so hard to find dog training courses in India?

If you are feeling stuck as you try to figure out how to become a dog trainer in India, you’re not alone. While dog training is certainly not a new concept in India, it has been exploding in popularity relatively recently. It takes time to establish a new dog training institute in India, and so far only a few have popped up. That’s a shame, because dog trainers in India are more and more in demand.

Whether dog training is something you want to pursue as a side business or something more, the time is right. It has become a viable career, especially if you are located in a more affluent urban area. In fact, according to Salary Expert, the average annual salary for dog trainers in India is set to increase by 68% during the next five years.

Even so, dog training is probably not the career your parents were planning for you. And you may not even know exactly how to start. One option is to attend one of the few brick-and-mortar Indian dog training schools that exist. If you are motivated and don’t mind traveling, a dog training institute in India may provide what you are looking for. Be sure to choose one with a good reputation that focusses on trust-based training, not harsh, punitive methods.

Consider an Online Dog Training Certification

However, another option many people don’t consider is taking an online dog training course. It might seem strange at first to learn such a practical skill online. And you should be wary of online courses that charge only a few hundred dollars or euros. Suspiciously cheap courses don’t typically offer the kind of one-on-one training necessary for success. However, it is also surprisingly easy to find legitimate online dog training courses. You should expect to pay around $1500-$2000 for a reputable certification. If that’s too much to pay all at once, some online dog training academies offer monthly payment plans.

The beauty of an online course is first that you don’t have to tear your hair out trying to find a dog training school in India. But online learning also has a lot of its own benefits. You can get access to some of the best instructors and tutors in the world from the comfort of your own home. Time zones aren’t a problem either, because you study on your own time, at your own pace.

If you have an unexpected emergency or life event, you can pause your studies without incurring extra fees or hassle. And you can customise your studying to your own needs. Most online courses offer the option to study full-time, but also to simply do a few hours each week. And you know how people are sometimes so impressed by a foreign university degree? Often a dog training qualification from abroad will lend additional legitimacy to your dog trainer CV.

What Makes a Good Dog Training Course in India?

So how do you evaluate whether the course you are considering is a good value or not? There are several important factors to consider:

What Skills Will it Teach You?

What dog-related skills and knowledge would you like to brush up on or learn? Any reputable dog training school will have a detailed course outline available. Of course you’ll want to make sure that it covers an extensive range of dog training skills. It should include basic dog obedience and correcting behavioral problems. But it would be nice to also cover giving puppy classes, special techniques for helping rescue dogs, tricks, and advanced behaviors. A really quality course should also give you an understanding of dog psychology. And to serve as a foundation for your training methodology, you will also want to learn the theoretical underpinnings of dog training.

Maybe you have an interest in expanding out from dog training to other dog-related services like doggie daycare, pet photography, or dog walking. In that case, you’ll want to look for a dog training course that includes additional modules. These might include canine health care, nutrition, first aid, running a doggie daycare or pet sitting operation. You might also want help with setting up and running other kinds of dog businesses.

Watch out for dog training schools that offer many different types of “add-on” courses. Separating off all the elements you need can be just a way to nickel and dime you. Having to take three or four mini-courses rather than one comprehensive course can significantly add to the overall cost of a certification. Taking a more well-rounded dog training certification course from the beginning will give you more options. It will give you the possibility to pursue different types of dog careers without having to take a whole new course.

How Good is the Mentoring Programme?

In an online course you won’t see your teacher face to face. But it can actually be an advantage to learn in a mentor context, rather than a physical classroom full of other participants. Look for a course that pairs you with your own mentor. Find out how much individualized help and attention you will get during the course. Are you expected to follow it all on your own? Or will there be a tutor or mentor available at any time to answer questions you might have? Will you have access to your instructor only during specific class times, or does he or she welcome questions and contact outside of class hours?

Individualized attention and mentoring is important when you are learning the practical skills required to train dogs. But it can be even more crucial as you go out and try to get a job in the dog industry. And you will definitely want a mentor if you plan to start up your own dog business.

Will it Further Your Career Goals?

Don’t forget that your goal in getting a dog training certification is to actually become a dog trainer. Are you aiming to find a job working as a dog trainer after graduating from the course? Look for schools that provide career counseling and help with CVs, interviews, and job hunting. Would you rather start your own dog training business? Then it’s important to find a school that will help you with the business side. A comprehensive set of business modules should include many different skills you need to run a successful business. Some examples would be learning how to set your fees, market your services, deal with taxes and financials, and keep your customers happy.

Some dog training courses in India and elsewhere will even start you off with help designing a website for your dog business. Take them up on this offer! A good website is easily one of the best marketing tools you could have to promote your services. Some courses also provide you with personalized marketing materials like business cards, door hangers, and posters. Even better if they also give you all the client forms you need to run a business.

A good rule of thumb is to first think about where you want your career to go after you receive your dog training certification. Then look for a certification course that will help you reach your goals.

Becoming a Dog Trainer in India

So are you ready to join the ranks of Indian dog trainers? Choosing the right dog training course will set you on the path to a rewarding life doing what you love. And a little time spent reflecting on the aspects above will allow you to make a better decision. You should base your choice on which dog training school will fit best with your life and career goals.

If you have a more specific question about your personal situation, we’d be happy to talk with you about your options and help you make a decision. Contact our career adviser at If you are ready now to start evaluating dog training courses, you can find out more about the CanineClub Academy’s “Certification Course in Dog Training” on our website,

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