What is Your Dog Going to be for Halloween?

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Gone are the days when you could just cut eye holes in a sheet and call it a Halloween costume. Even for your dog.

These days, dogs expect to be dressed up just as snazzily as you for this all-important identity-defining holiday. Here’s a look at some of the hottest types of dog costumes this year:

 The Object.


In this case, it’s the almost painfully obvious wiener dog. But you can get creative – try a banana, a pile of spaghetti and meatballs, or a taco. You can even branch out and dress your dog as a non-food item, like tractor or an iphone.

The Non-Canine Animal

Here we have a fairly innocuous turtle, but other popular options include bats, spiders, butterflies, lady bugs, or even that macabre subset of Non-Canine Animals:

The Non-Canine Animal Eating Your Dog

Yes, an alligator works (although we’re not sure whether or how that poor dog can even walk), but you can also choose a shark, a dinosaur, or a lion.

And now we come to the vaguely humanoid options:

The Human Occupation

Like this construction worker. Or traditional human stand-bys like witches, cavemen, fairies, or fifties girls. Of course, you can take the human thing even further and instead go with:

The Somewhat Creepy Standing Up Human

Making your dog actually look like a miniature human with a dog’s head. Or at least a miniature humaniod.

And then there’s this final human-involved idea:

The Human Rider


A jockey. A cowboy. The headless horseman. The possibilities are endless.

For more great costume ideas, check out our hilarious Pinterest board:
Follow My Imaginary Well-Dressed Dog by Canine Club Academy on Pinterest
And tell me: how are you dressing your dog this Halloween?


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