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"I had an idea that there would be a lot of business once we had credentials and could market ourselves effectively. Well, I was right! To give a little background..."
Angie (and Dave) from Ithaca, NY

"I’ve been studying EVERYTHING about dogs ever since I adopted my rescue, so some of the modules were review for me. But I really appreciated the quality..."
Craig from Fresno, CA

"I'm a freelance writer living in Boston. About 12 months ago, I started an informal dog walking service. I took the course because..."
Lindsey Freeman from Boston, MA
   Every year, countless pets are relinquished by their owners or rescued from the streets and brought to shelters. We believe that every pet should have a family and a forever home. To help these animals find loving homes, the
CanineClub Academy donates a portion of all proceeds to Animal Shelters and Pet Rescues.
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