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October Dog News Roundup



Watch Out for Dog Treats from China

Hundreds of dogs have died after eating jerky treats made in China. Just another reason to learn to make your own dog treats! For recipes, sign up for our Newsletter.

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Halloween Dog Parade

Were you in New York for this year’s Tomkins Square Dog Parade? If not, check out Vanity Fair’s lovely slide show of some of the best dog costumes from the parade.

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Dogs Get Rabies Shot in India

Every hour an Indian child dies of rabies, usually acquired through a dog bite. A British veterinary charity is tackling the problem by conducting a mass rabies vaccine campaign for dogs across India.

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Your Dog Loves You – It’s Scientifically Proven

A neuroscientist has been studying dogs’ brains by training his subjects to sit still inside an MRI machine (we think he might deserve an honorary certification from the Canine Club Academy for such a feat of dog training). His research will help determine which dogs are good candidates to be service dogs.

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