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The "Certification Course in Dog Training" is authored by working professionals in the dog industry who want to share not only their knowledge of dogs, but also the ways they have achieved success in their careers and businesses. The aim of the course is to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills required for a career as a canine care professional. Topics covered include training theory and practice, basic health/grooming, setting up a dog-related business (e.g. daycare, walking, behavioral consulting, etc.), dog psychology and more.


This is not just a "theory" course. It focuses on the practical aspects: the current market demand for specific dog services, getting your business up and running, and being paid for your efforts. This Course has also been designed for students with little or no experience in professional dog handling. In fact, we encourage beginners. Why? Because we were once beginners too!


The Course is delivered online and consists of 14 modules, divided into two sections. The first portion will give you a solid foundation for handling and training dogs, and results in your "Dog Handling Certification." The last modules will take you step-by-step through the process of starting your own home-based dog business.


There are quizzes and interactive projects and assignments with each module. The typical time required to complete the course is 24 weeks, but it can be completed quicker or slower based on each student’s needs. During this time you will be instructed in many aspects of professional canine care by the Academy’s course authors, who are some of the top freelance dog care professionals out there. The Course equips you with their wealth of accumulated knowledge, together with effective ways to apply this knowledge to the areas of canine care that most interest you.


Although some conventional training schools run dog training correspondence courses as a sideline, the Canine Club Academy specializes in teaching solely by the distance learning method. The days of corresponding via video or audio tapes, CD’s, DVD’s or paperwork through the mail are over. All you need is an internet connection and the Academy will provide the rest.


The Course Authors - Our strength as an Academy has a lot to do with the authors of the Course. Our award-winning line up of authors brings together some of the most talented individuals in the field of canine care today.


Your Own Personal Tutor - Your relationship with your personal tutor is a partnership that will assist you throughout the course. All of our tutors are current working professionals, handpicked for their own professional success and their ability to pass on what they know. Your tutor will assess your assignments, help you develop your skills, and always be there if you have questions or just need encouragement.


Interactive Projects and Assignments - At the end of each module, you will find a number of project-based exercises and assignments, requiring you to actively participate in the course experience. You will submit projects to your assigned tutor, enabling immediate feedback and discussion. Participation in these projects and interaction with your tutor are key elements in achieving the success you desire.


Professional Business Toolkit - One of the most important aspects of the Course is helping you take the valuable skills you will learn and successfully use them to turn your exciting hobby into a money-making pursuit. Your tutor will help you to use your personalized, professionally designed website and marketing materials to get your business up and running and attract your first few customers.


The "Certification Course in Dog Training" supplies you with everything you need to gain access to the dog industry. By the end of this course you will have the knowledge, skills, and credentials to begin enjoying the benefits of working as a dog service professional!


In every community, there are hundreds of dog owners seeking businesses and freelance professionals to care for and help train their best friends. This is not to mention dog daycare, dog walking, pet photography, and a host of other needed services. The opportunities are numerous and always growing.


For those who are interested in complete online training, we have the solution for you. Enroll today and take your first step into a rewarding new career by becoming certified with the Canine Club Academy.


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"I had an idea that there would be a lot of business once we had credentials and could market ourselves effectively. Well, I was right! To give a little background..."
Angie (and Dave) from Ithaca, NY

"I’ve been studying EVERYTHING about dogs ever since I adopted my rescue, so some of the modules were review for me. But I really appreciated the quality..."
Craig from Fresno, CA

"I'm a freelance writer living in Boston. About 12 months ago, I started an informal dog walking service. I took the course because..."
Lindsey Freeman from Boston, MA
   Every year, countless pets are relinquished by their owners or rescued from the streets and brought to shelters. We believe that every pet should have a family and a forever home. To help these animals find loving homes, the
CanineClub Academy donates a portion of all proceeds to Animal Shelters and Pet Rescues.
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One of the most important aspects of the Course is helping you make money doing what you enjoy. A professionally designed logo and website for your new business is one of the first steps to being able to attract new clients.

You are also provided with various forms and unique marketing pieces (using your new logo) to give you a range of options to promote the services you offer.